Studying in USA is one’s dream academic destination for many aspiring students. By numbers, USA stands first in the world in accommodating international students.  Most students pursue their higher education in the USA for overall exposure during the course of stay. USA is land of diverse culture, reputable universities, and social ambiance and for its charming ambiance.  


Choosing the USA

There are several reasons for students to opt for the USA. These key criteria lead to the increase in the number of students ending up in the USA every year for their higher education.

·   Academic Excellence is one of the major acumen among them. At undergraduate level they offer courses in several general disciplines and professional domains, for post graduate level they lay out a way to work with great minds in the industry and also provide wide opportunities in academics and research.

·   Variety of Educational Opportunities- U.S. colleges and universities emphasize educational principles; practical and employment-related skills; they also equally give importance to arts, technical fields or social sciences. These broad choices of courses give various options from your area of interest to elect.

·   Cutting Edge Technology- U.S provide first class competent syllabus in techniques technology, and research and they train the students with best possible resources and equipment. Every field allows students to access and perform research; they also connect students to a pool of professionals across the world.

·   Opportunity for Research, Teaching and Training- Many Universities in USA grant opportunities to train, teach and research in their field and earn the finance required for their courses. This practical element in the model gives the students the competency to gain wide knowledge and do research and expertise in their domain implementing innovative ideas.

·   Campus Life Experience- Enrolling in a university in the USA you are given a wide range of opportunities both academically and culturally. They offer a number of Student organizations and clubs to encourage the student’s area of interest. By being part of these like-minded groups you meet people, make new friends and adapt to the American way of life.

Studying in the US

College & University Search

Research, Contact, Find and list out the schools that match your interest. Prioritize the schools based on your choice of degree, program, tuition range, geographical location; public or private consider all other key points. This process is an extensive and tiring one but it’s worth the effort taken. You can take help for Study in the USA with overseas education consultants like IMTP.         

Getting into a US College or University

Being an international student in the US is not an easy task. The struggle starts from the very start of the application process. It requires determination and perseverance to fill out these formalities as they are   complex and competitive and take quite a long time. To get into the right time you should process much earlier. To guide step by step they are education consultants IMTP to speed up the process.

Student Visa Types in US

Student visa typeEligibility
F-1 Student Visato study at an accredited US college at an English language institute
J Exchange Visafor participation in an exchange program
M Student Visafor non-academic /vocational study /training -USA

* Visit the US Government’s Department of State website for updated information

Choose your Subject

Some students have clarity on what they want to study – engineering, philosophy, law, business, or arts. The Subject Study Guide explains specific information for every subject that ranges over 50 domains of study. Whatever you look up for Web design to Agriculture you will be able to find the details of the course.

Application Process

The application procedures for USA colleges and universities can be comprehensive and baffling. Thus many students around the globe are frightened by the long number of steps required. The application process demands many documents, exam scores that are specific to the course and colleges; training for these tests SAT, TOEFL, GRE, IELTS to prepare for credential evaluation, essay writing, and more. The IMTP team helps you to accomplish this in an easier way. 

Intakes available in the USA

Intake TermPeriod of Study
Fall August to December
SpringJanuary to April
SummerMay to August

            *Varies Based on the Courses you choose

Financial Aid for the USA

Financing to Study in the USA is not easy; there are many bodies to support the students to study in the USA with all financial assistance. Planning on Scholarships, loan applications are guided by overseas education consultants as IMTP to handle your finance from the start to the end of the application process, admission, to the accommodation. These are customized for every student at IMTP based on their requirements.

Online Degree Programs

Several schools now due to the current COVID situation offer students the freedom to obtain a degree online across the world. Certain students cannot afford to leave their homes; online learning acts as a boon in those students’ lives to earn a US degree. There are certain advantages as well as a defect in online programs as students majorly miss out the in campus experience and leveraging the infrastructure at the college.  

What after Graduation

Study in  USA one of the leading advantages is the availability of choices after you graduate.

·   By taking advantage of practical training, while looking for a job.

·   Continue on education to seek an advanced degree.

·   Focus on research and figuring out the way forward on career and academic journey. 

The choice is always in the hands of Aspirants to use the resources to the fullest.

Community Colleges in the US

Community college in the USA allows many students to pursue their Study in USA dream. These Community colleges can be stepping stones to a student for his career in the USA. Students who are a bit skeptical of the high cost universities can start off from Community college where the tariffs are fractional. Try out the opportunities at community college at IMTP education consultants.

USA State Guides

The USA is a vast piece of land. It is split into 50 states and has a population of over 310 million people. This land offers a broader range of landscape to view from busy city squares, calm open spaces to scenic beauty of nature. The USA state guide helps you to identify and learn about the specialties of these states. It gives you an understanding of the state’s climate, economy, activities to do, internship opportunities etc…

Preparation for your stay

For a comfortable stay in the USA, it is necessary to recreate your home abroad. This requires planning way ahead. Is your student visa, finances and travel itinerary arranged? Is the mobile number set up with the right plan that works out affordably? Is the international student insurance plan organized? These are the queries you should ask yourself and be super prepared before starting in the USA.

The USA “Way of Life”

When you are all set to fly, you should make up your mind for the American Way of living that is usually adventurous and carefree. Just like major American prepared to be independent, to deal with the cultural shock and overall difference from their home country. When you are all alone, studying your social skills with people helps you adapt and survive easier. Plan your accommodation, transportation and give safety a thought. Given the restriction of your VISA, go for work that suits you and handle the expenses efficiently. These all pointers are considered to make life simpler to an extent in the USA.

So to know more about the entire process of Study in USA, IMTP is there to make your dreams come true with flying colors.


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