The UK is a pioneer among the world in various areas of education that includes business and management, Science, Engineering, Art, Design, Law & finance. The UK is renowned for its scientific researches which provide 8% of scientific publications round the globe, thus attracting the most curious and talented minds to the UK. The Universities in UK offer education with quality and a standard that can create an impact in one’s future. UK schools attract around 600,000 from all over the world to pursue their dreams from specialising in English language to PhDs. These universities always present a wide range of options from which students can tailor their degree to their needs and interests.

The benefits of studying in the UK

UK institutions are ranked in the top cadre among the world and the degree from these schools are perceived in high rank.  The UK is involved in 5% of the world’s scientific research and among which 14% of the papers are cited in top journals. UK institutions grant you resilience in opting a course that has a mix of academic and vocational subjects of student’s interest that usually encompasses specialized modules. The unique and peculiar method of teaching in the UK provides the students the practical skill set and the depth of knowledge with confidence in their subjects. These universities expose the students to subject matter experts from different parts of the world for sharing their wisdom gained through years and for constant career guidance. The wholesome ambiance in UK schools provides the students an environment to enhance their language and communication skills thus enhancing their employment opportunity.

Applying to a University in the UK

To get into any UK institution for Under Graduation the applications are usually via Universities and Colleges Admission Service –UCAS. Post-Graduation courses are applied directly to the university through the website.

International students are advised to submit their application much earlier to get into their dream best UK school. Do follow the right procedures on how to apply and other eligibility criteria listed in the website. For PG entrances to UK institutions students should carefully search for entry criteria in the articles narrated in the site or call up the admin team for help.

How to Apply for UCAS?

Applying for UCAS is a simple process with few steps to be completed with immense care based on the area of interest of the students. This process allows you to apply with 1 personal statement for 5 options. Look into the procedure below and execute it for your UG in the UK.

Courses in the UK

UK universities offer various professional subjects such as Engineering, Management, Science & Research to Arts, Music, Design and other vocational Courses. Among them, the UK is popular for a few courses that are listed below with their eligibility criteria.

In addition to mentioned norms LORs & SOP is essential for almost all courses. Apart from the above listed course there are various other choices available and their respective eligibility differs, to know more on that get in touch with IMTP overseas Education Consultants.

 Universities in UK

Studying in the UK provides you the opportunity to be part of the world’s most distinguished universities of all time such as University Of Bristol, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge. The UK is a land of 140 top-rated schools and educational organizations. They are sought for academic competency and immense research abilities. Graduates of UK colleges are held dear due the priority given to employability along with talent & experience. Every screening committee, External examiners, academy delegates makes sure the bars of academic benchmarks are met. The schools showcase stringency in every aspect from the requirements, high grade results, and compact study programs. Several universities also have a committee called “career service network” to mentor students on the path ahead after graduation. Concentrated courses available in UK schools are a star criterion welcomed by many students that aids them to gain the knowledge in a short period and make them job / market ready to earn.  

 Student Accommodation in the UK

Choosing an accommodation that suits your standard is very important before you move in  as it is going to be your home for the next few years. Traditional university halls are the priority for many first-timers; there are other options for private student accommodation. Listed below are a few options you can consider in the UK.

·       University Hostels- A comfortable stay at the university campus some time away from campus with all access to the campus anytime. Most affordable for freshers.

·       Staying with family- To avoid missing family warmth, homestays can be a choice; where your miscellaneous counts on your fee and you feel at home in a faraway land.

·       Private Student Accommodation – These private homes provide you with lots of independence and high end amenities. This is up to the student’s funds and comfort level. However it gives you an ambiance to build relationships for a lifetime.

UK Student Visa

To study in UK universities, prior to applying for a visa, abroad students are required to collect the Confirmation of Acceptance for studies (CAS). CAS is a specific reference number that confirms the chosen UK University to provide the UK student Visa – Tier 4. It is advice to start the visa process 3 months before the course begins. Most required documents are

·   CAS number

·   Financial Statement

·   Valid  passport

·   Medical Reports

·   English language proficiency- Proof

Contact the Visa council for latest updates and changes made and prepare accordingly.

Student life in the UK

The UK is a cosmopolitan city thus most of the customs and habits are familiar to any students from other parts of the world, thus settling and becoming part of the UK is not a big deal. The UK has many places for you to experience and discover offbeat exotic places of your taste and find your own circle there. The UK is filled with multicultural, present-day thinkers living in harmony with their unique identity and tradition. Damn Sure in the UK, you are gonna have everything to gain at the cost of nothing.         These are some food for thought to students who aspire to study in the UK and pursue their career there. To Know more in detail please do get in touch with IMTP educational consultants

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