Next Actions for Students Planning to Study in US amidst COVID19 Crisis

Next Actions for Students Planning to Study in US amidst COVID19 Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has threatened the entire humankind in more ways than we could ever imagine. Many countries have sealed their borders and locked down their cities. The education sector is also being chipped away because of the lockdown. The plans and the schedules for the students travelling to abroad have gone topsy-turvy. While some universities have decided to promote the students based on previous assessment performances, others have decided to conduct the assessments after the lockdown is lifted which in turn causes delayed results for students. Every country is embracing a unique strategy to overcome this pandemic situation. USA being a largest house for international students, is likely to adopt new strategies for colleges and universities.

Currently, US Embassy and Consulate are closed their visa processing. The earliest dates available for visa applications for US is February 2021.This dates might come down to August or September 2020 depending on the situation across the world.US embassy should prioritise student visas and clear the visas.

In case if the situation doesn’t come under control, there are different possibilities which can happen. US universities for Fall-2020 program should begin by August or September. Few are suggesting to push the start dates by a month in order to accommodate the international students. If the students are unable to get the visa by August/September, their admission can be pushed to Spring/Fall 2021. There is a general hope to allow abroad students to complete the academic year by allowing them to attend the classes online.

International student’s community has a lot to contribute to the particular countries economy. USA being a host for large number of international students, will surely come up with a strategy to overcome the situation.