UCW – 2020 Summer Term Start Dates To Be Postponed

UCW – 2020 Summer Term Start Dates To Be Postponed

University Canada West is a well-known university with a clear vision and helps in developing motivated students for professional-level careers and other leadership programs. UCW provides a practical learning environment for students. The lecturers are highly skilled and knowledgeable. Through their industry expertise, they help students to succeed in the competitive marketplace. The lecturers always design their program in such a way that it always meets the current market.

University Canada West is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and would like to keep the students up to date with all the information about the University. In order to better support the students across the world, in these unavoidable circumstances, UCW has decided to postpone the start date of the 2020 term by a couple of weeks, which provides students extra time to prepare for their studies.

Sprint Term 2020 – The classes for the sprint term 2020 are going to start on April 20 and the last day of the term will be on July 12. At the beginning of the term, the lectures will be delivered online for all the students. The details about the online lecturing will be provided to all the students prior to the term begins.

UCW President Brock Dykeman is looking forward to the support from the students throughout the academic year. Student Orientation and Academic Readiness (SOAR) program will be conducted online between Apr 13- 17. Students will be given guidance on how to register for the online student orientation program. Students need not be present in Vancouver or Canada, to begin with their sprint term. Students can take the course from wherever they are present.

Summer term 2020 is going to begin on July 20th and will conclude on Oct 11. In the same way, the Fall Term 2020 will be starting on Oct. 19 and will end on Dec.20. For each term, the last 2 weeks will be reserved for exams.

The current students and prospective students can contact https://www.imtpconsultants.com/or call to+91 90434 45674 for more details on Sprint term 2020.