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Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is a standardized exam for students aspiring for undergraduate courses abroad. It helps to compare the student eligibility to study in any particular discipline. The test has a maximum score of 1600 and splits into two divisions – math and ‘ evidence–based reading and writing. Each section carries 800 points and is a written paper–pencil test. The age limit to take the test is 16 – 18 years. The only form of identification to provide is a valid passport with the student’s name, age, photo and signature or a driver’s license. 

The College Board has announced that the SAT will be in digital format. The aforementioned change is scheduled to roll out internationally in 2023 and in the U>S. in 2024.

Let us know in detail about it.

Modifications in the Digital SAT Format

  • The first and foremost change in the digital format is the duration of the test. It is shrunk to 2 hours, instead of 3 hours. 
  • The major changes to come across in the paper are shorter passages with a single question attached, usage of a calculator for the entire Mathematics section, and also the passage would reflect the topics that the student would be cognizant of, in college. 
  • The reading and writing sections would be combined.
  • This gives more time for the students to answer each question.
  • The scores of the test would be flashed within a few days, rather than weeks.
  • The digital format has given the test a unique form, where each student would receive a different question paper. This would avoid the cancelation of scores for a whole group of students in case of any malpractice.
  • The digital version is more intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • There is an in-built clock to help the students to keep track of time.
  • The students would be able to access all the tools that are needed to solve questions in one place, such as highlighters, strikethrough, mark for review, and standard mathematical formulas.
  • There are seven opportunities to take the test instead of five for international students throughout the year.

These changes are made to make the test easier and shorter the performance gaps and to reinstate the expediency of the SAT as an assessment for college readiness.

Requirement for the digital SAT

  • A laptop or a tablet. It could be a personal or school-issued device.
  • If there is any interruption during the test, the work of the students would be saved, and also the testing time would be restored.

What linger to be the same in SAT Test…

  • The score of the test would be the same (1600 points), permitting the instructor to evaluate and track the progression of the students over time.
  • The students have to take the test at the testing center or at school in the presence of an invigilator, not at home.
  • The test would continue to assess the student’s skills and efficiency to cater to the need of the college.
  • The digital test would enhance the student to have direct access to scholarships too.

The digital test comprises of two parts called as modules. Each module to be answered coherently, before moving to the next one. Precisely describing most of the assessments work on adaptive testing and nearly 30 years of research has deep-rooted aids of adaptive testing which comprise of 

  • Customized questions to meet the necessity of the students
  • Inordinate exactitude in measurement 
  • Petite tests which are more secure

Digital SAT would change the perception of test takers and would increase the number in 2024. Moreover, it would provide a productive and promising experience to the test takers who seek admission in the top tier colleges/universities.

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