Now that the pandemic has settled down and countries have started opening their boundaries with everyone safe and secure with vaccination and other measures, there is an uplift in the number of students studying abroad. 

Well as per government status 1.3 million students are enrolled in outside universities, Data apart there is going to be a huge rise in the number of universities. Earlier students who are currently pursuing international degrees give priority to Canada, US, UK, and Australia. Out of the international students pursuing education, the maximum is from India.

 Though these students benefit much from studying abroad the initial conflict and the struggle they have to face is high. The immigration process and the language requirements make the students tiresome. To add fire to the fury the fees for international students have risen high compared to the for domestic students. It has tripled within these two years. Canada has surpassed other countries and is in the top 3rd position as a destination for Indian students. 

The reason why Canada is losing the market share of students in India

 Canada’s cost of living is also becoming more expensive as the years go by. The statistics claim that there is an average increase of almost 5  to 10 %in tuition fees. There is an ample expansion in the ratio of international students attending Canadian colleges and universities. International students accounted for the growth of revenue in Canada to a great extent. It’s been a boon for the bottom line of these educational institutions because international students pay much higher tuition than Canadian students.

Lately, Canada brought up the Student Direct Stream, a short technique for student visa applications, comprising those from India and China. Yet, this method presented additional mandating requirements, such as a high English score. Jointly, these aspects have affected the magnificence of terminus Canada for students from India.

Why the UK is gaining more attraction?

The study programs in UK universities are well deliberate and scheduled to assure that students get adequate learning. This system motivates creativity, formulates multiple skills, shapes confidence, and enables scholars to think critically.

Though Canada was a center of attraction for the past few years with its easy express entry system setting a footpad for the students to get or easily as they had a separate point system for Canadian education. The fee rate and the job opportunities were an attraction even though the climate was something that Indians don’t prefer.

When it comes to tuition fees, a comparison will make you understand that the UK programs aren’t as higher in cost. The difference you feel first is in the proximity. If you are a family person and want to visit your family then the UK is your first choice. The Post Study Work Visa (PSW in short) in the UK permits a student to stay after their graduation for the next 2 years. The new rules for the visa. After the completion of their graduation, this new regime allows Indian students after completing graduation and post-graduation to settle in the UK. And afterward, their goal will be to transit into a general visa.

UK is ready to give more focus on the ease of settlement for student visas compared to earlier. The hardships and the struggles of initial settlement. Further, they have changed certain rules regarding their study permits. The maximum number of students coming to the UK is exceeding China in the case of masters though China seems to claim the first in bachelors.

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